This is a great time to make art, make boxes, books,create beautiful papers, and enjoy the zen of paper folding. Plus it is just plain fun to join a group of like minded people for several hours of creative work and play!


Most of my classes are currently Zoom, but hopefully we can transition to in person classes as it becomes safe to do so.  Classes scheduled for Sievers School of Fiber Arts and The Clearing are in person classes. At this time I do not mail materials kits outside of the United States due to mailing costs and time constraints involving customs, as well as other fees.

Zoom Classes:I will send a materials and tools list before the class so you can be ready with board and paper cut to size.There is also an optional materials pack you can order for an additional charge which will have most, if not all, pieces already cut to size and paper. I generally use Japanese Chiogami paper from The Japanese Paper Place, and Lokta, as well as a variety of other decorative papers from around the world. Many of my classes also have a companion YouTube video available if the scheduled day or time is not convenient or if you need a review. 

All times are given in Central Standard Time, USA.



FRIDAY/SATURDAY,APRIL 2-3, 2021, 9:30-12:30 CST 


BOOK in a BOX MINI - cost $90, plus optional materials, $40, a 4” hand bound book that fits snugly inside the 4 1/2” matching box. A great size for photos, a book of memories, a trip journal, or a place to keep quotes and great thoughts - along with a sweet box to keep your book safe and sound. - to register email:

The optional supply packet includes Chiyogami paper, pre-cut bookboard, knob, and waxed linen thread with a needle.  You supply your own text pages, tools, an awl, glue, and creativity,  I will send suggestions to consider for text papers.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY, APRIL 17-18, 2021, 9:30-12:30 CST

CHINESE THREAD BOOK, an intriguing combination of bound book, origami folds, and a multi compartmented box for storing all kinds of treasures. Cost $90, plus optional materials/templates and paper, $40, includes Chiyogami paper, Momigami paper, and templates for cutting the papers to the correct sizes.  You supply your own tools, glue sticks, embellishments, and humor - to register, email:


SATURDAY,MAY 8, 9:30-12:30 CST


A 4” rectangular box with interlocking lid - a great place to start learning the basics of cartonnage box construction - and to keep any number of treasures.

Cost: $45, plus optional materials packet, $30, includes Chiyogami papers and pre-cut bookboard.  You supply your own tools, embellishments, glue and unique style.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY, MAY 22-23, 9:30-12:30 CST


A quartet of four 3” boxes harmonize to create a large 6 1/2” square box, with each of the smaller boxes opening on a book cloth hinge in a different direction - a geometric delight of color and form!

Cost $90, plus optional materials packet, $45, includes Chiyogami paper, book cloth, and small knobs, as well a precut bookboard.  You supply your own tools, embellishments, glue, and harmony.



BILEVEL TREASURE BOX- the best kind of functional art, a box, 5 1/2” Square, 3 1/2” High, with two compartments which you can design to meet your needs for smaller cubbyholes to fit jewelry, tacks and paper clips, or whatever treasures you like. - to register, email:

Cost - $90, plus $40 for the optional materials packet, includes pre-cut bookboard, extra board for embellishments, a knob, plus two coordinating Chiyogami papers.  You provide tools, supplies, glue, and a keen eye for balance and color.

SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 9:30-12:30 CST


A Cartonnage classic, using Bookboard, Book Cloth, and Decorative Papers with a magnetic closure (optional) - to register, email:

Cost $45, plus optional materials packet, $40, includes papers, pre-cut bookboard, book cloth, and a magnet.  You will need to provide tools, glue, any embellishments you might like to add, and a wildly creative mind.

Zoom classes require a tablet, phone, or computer on which to download the Zoom App and Internet capable of streaming.  If you have never used Zoom, it is very easy and a great way to take a class when we can’t meet in person.  I will send the link a week prior to the class - on the day of the class, just click on the link and I will invite you to enter. 

If you wish to register for classes, please email me at: In addition to the class you would like to register for, please let me know if you would like the optional materials packet and I will send a Paypal link for payment, or you can mail me a check. Before the class I will send a list of materials, dimensions, and tools needed. Most classes include an instructional video of the class, emailed to you at the conclusion of the class. 

Coming later this summer and fall:

Zoom Class of the Clamshell Box

Zoom Class of the intriguing Magic Box!

Zoom Class of the Chinese Thread Book

In person classes starting in July at both The Clearing Folk School and Sievers School of Fiber Arts! 

July 11-17 Journaling: In and Out of the Box   The Clearing Folk School, Ellison Bay, WI

July 29-Aug 1 Marbling: Paper and Fabric   Sievers School of Fiber Arts, Washington Island, WI

Aug 24-26 Cartonnage: The Puzzle Box      Sievers School of Fiber Arts, Washington Island, WI

Sept 9-10 Book in a Box: Cartonnage and Bookbinding. The Clearing Folk School, Ellison Bay, WI

Sept. 23-24, Introduction to Paper Marbling  The Clearing Folk School, Ellison Bay, WI 

Nov 7-13 Paper Arts: Marbling, Bookbinding, & Cartonnage The Clearing Folk School, Ellison Bay, WI

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