Buttonhole Binding Class in my Home Studio

These 3 ladies did beautiful work - their Buttonhole Journals are gorgeous!sz. .

Exquisite Hidden Compartment Box by an artist from the early October Box Class: fully embellished and gorgeous! I love the addition of the perfect glass bead.

HAVE PAPER, WILL TRAVEL!  If you would like Paper Arts Workshop or classes in your area, please contact me through the Contact form on the Home Page or call 920-854-4246.

Here are some of the classes and workshops I have taught, but different combinations and/or time changes are enthusiastically considered.  Let's talk!

Home Studio Classes

In 2016 my husband and I built him a music studio next to our home in Sister Bay. He decreed that Wednesdays would be mine in the Home Studio, so for part of the year I teach classes of five or six students all types of paper arts. I supply all tools, materials, and supplies.  The students bring a bag lunch, enthusiasm and the desire to have fun learning something new. The best part for me has been all the wonderful people I have met, seeing them create absolutely beautiful work, uniquely their own.  The fall schedule of classes for 2018 is listed on the calendar and was emailed to everyone on my mailing list in September.

For the Love of Books!

Beginning with a books made from a single page of paper,accordian books, moving to a Japanese Stab Bound journal, a small book using the classic blizzard binding, and a hand sewn pamphlet, using Bookboard, Tyvek, French papers, archival glues, and decorative papers.  You can add your own decorative touches and embellishments to create a unique journal, diary, notebook, or storybook.

A fun extension of this class involves first creating our own paste paper covers and pages, and then creating the books.

Books and Boxes

Making your own boxes and books can open whole new worlds of creative endeavor. Make beautiful, magical, practical boxes and books using traditional bookbinding techniques, creating a pedestal treasure box, a hinged box, and folded and bound books and journals covered with decorative and hand-marbled papers. Add your own special papers and embellishments to make your creations uniquely your own! 

Bookbinding/Journals and Journaling, a five day class with Darlene Cole

Bookbinding - Intermediate

Offering three different One Day Classes of Lovely Classics!

Coptic Bindings

Long Stitch Bindings

Secret Belgian Bindings

Box Basics/Advanced Cartonnage

A half day, one day, or two day workshop making beautiful, practical and magical boxes: a basic treasure box, a hinged box using bookbinding techniques, and a puzzle box, using book board, beautiful papers, glue and mat board. You will learn traditional bookbinding techniques for two of the boxes and unit origami for the puzzle box. I supply handmade lokta paper from Thailand, handscreened and handmade papers from Japan, Argentina, Italy, and Nepal, some embellishments, ribbons,and hand marbled papers.  You should bring your own special papers, any embellishments you would like to use, such as beads, charms, etc.

An advanced class for those who have some box making experience would involve a more intricate box such as the Tool Box, Secret Compartment Box, and the Two and Four Drawer Boxes.

Marbling Intensive

A one, two, or three day workshop

Learn to create the amazing intricacies of the ancient art of marbling, and then use those techniques to experiment with a range of materials, colors, and papers to create your own unique designs. During this two day comprehensive workshop you will learn how to prepare paper for marbling; using acrylic paints, alum, carrageenan and gall you will learn classic designs such as The Peacock, Stone Marbling, and The Spanish Wave, among others. A supply list will be sent prior to class.  An opportunity for book and paper artists to not only learn a traditional art form, but also to create over 30 marbled papers to use in all paper art forms. We also marble fabric and I have a large 6 foot tray to marble silk scarves!


Paper Nerds Unite!

A two day Workshop

Paper Nerds, you know who you are!  This workshop is filled to the brim with unusual and creative paper experiences, ranging from Unit and Money Origami, German Window Stars, Paper Wreaths, Paper Boxes, Japanese Stab Binding Varieties, Simple Books, Shortcuts and Tricks.  Materials needed include a sharp scissors, bonefolder, large cutting mat, pencil, 18 inch metal ruler with cork backing, mat or utility knife, a sense of humor and an appreciation of the zen like beauty of working with paper.



Paper Arts: Marbling, Boxes, and Books

A 5 day Class

Marbled papers were once only found in the end pieces of lovely old leather books, but marbling today opens up new realms of possibilities when even a beginner can create marbled papers with intricate designs and marvelous color. In this class, instruction will begin with the basics of marbling papers, using carrageenan, acrylic paints, marbling tools and techniques. These papers will then be used to create a variety of handmade books, including non-adhesive bindings, folded and bound books, artists books and hand-sewn and bound journals, using book board, mat board, archival glues, Tyvek, hand screened papers, paste paper and embellishments. You will cut your own stencils and carve your own stamps, in addition to creating both hinged and covered boxes, with some origami treats thrown in for fun! There will be ample time to practice and create your own designs.



Home Studio Classes, 2018 Fall

Hidden Compartment Boxes - Jacobs Ladder Boxes

Home Studio Class - Chinese Thread Book

Home Studio Class - Secret Belgian Binding

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